When saving money on your heating and cooling bills, improving energy efficiency is the key to lowering your annual utility bills. At Winner Insulation, our services are customized to meet your needs and help seal the air leaks that cost you money. Blower door testing is one of our many services that help you identify and address these leaks.

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What Is Blower Door Testing?

Blower door test: Testing the house for airtightness, on the front door installed a powerful fan.

Blower door testing utilizes a powerful fan temporarily attached to an exterior doorway. Once calibrated, the fan creates negative pressure within your house. This allows the higher air pressure from outside to flow into the home via cracks, gaps, wiring conduits, etc. This reveals air leaks in the walls, ceilings, and floors that comprise the building envelope.

Benefits of Blower Door Testing

There are plenty of benefits to scheduling blower door testing for your home. Among the most important to consider are the following:

  • Enhanced Comfort: Eliminating air leaks removes drafts and creates an even, more consistent, and comfortable indoor climate every season.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Locating and sealing air leaks around doors, windows, vents, conduits, and masonry will help reduce energy consumption.
  • Enhanced HVAC Performance: Sealing air leaks helps improve the performance of your heating and cooling systems. It also reduces wear and tear, translating to fewer repairs and enhanced system longevity.
  • Improved Humidity Control: Air sealing helps maintain optimal indoor humidity, which protects against mold/mildew proliferation and makes your home feel cooler and more comfortable.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: Reducing air infiltration helps minimize dust, pollen, and other allergens entering and circulating within your home. In turn, this helps protect your health, can give you more energy, and helps to keep your home cleaner.
  • Increased Home Value: Energy-efficient homes with documented air sealing are more appealing and valuable to prospective buyers.

How and When To Get a Blower Door Test

Blower door tests should be performed by a certified professional to achieve accurate results. At Winner Insulation, this process begins by scheduling the test for a time that’s convenient for you. In most cases, it takes one to two hours to complete the test.

Preparing for the test is relatively simple and entails many steps, including taping all doors shut, turning off exhaust and HVAC fans, and closing. It’s also necessary to open all interior doors, close all windows and doors to attics or crawl spaces, and cover air conditioners.

After the test, our team will prepare a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations for addressing any leaks or other issues the tests record. While any time is a good time to schedule blower door testing, it’s especially helpful before renovations and following any insulation projects.

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Why Choose Winner Insulation for Blower Door Testing?

Our experienced and certified technicians have completed extensive training that allows us to provide reliable blower door testing. Whether you have leaks around doors, windows, conduits, or masonry, we’ll find them and seal them. Moreover, our comprehensive services include the application of spray foam insulation and other energy-efficient solutions that will enhance your comfort, add value to your home, and improve the energy efficiency of your central air conditioning system, ductless mini-split, furnace, boiler, and other HVAC systems.

Why Choose Us?

At Winner Insulation, we know that blower door testing is the key to achieving a more comfortable, energy-efficient home. Our specialists have the expertise and technologies required to identify and seal the air leaks within your home. Our blower door testing services will help you save money and improve the performance of your heating and cooling systems. Combined with our insulation services, you’ll enjoy superior comfort year after year.

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