Complete Insulation Services for Government Facilities in the Washington, DC Area

Cutting costs is always a priority for government agencies of all types, and heating and cooling costs can be a substantial part of the annual budget. Properly insulating government and military facilities can significantly reduce long-term energy costs while providing a host of other benefits, including improved comfort.

When you need an experienced team to upgrade or install insulation in your government or military facility, turn to our experts at Winner Insulation. We specialize in spray foam insulation, but we also install cellulose, fiberglass, and more. We are certified to work in government and military installations throughout the Washington, DC area and are adept at navigating all the requirements for quoting, bidding, and completing government contracts. Count on Winner Insulation for high-quality, professional results that comply with all your project requirements.

Improve the long-term comfort and performance of your government facility with expert insulation services from Winner Insulation. Call us today at 800-955-1976 or contact us online to schedule insulation services for government buildings in Maryland, Virginia, or the DC area.


The Benefits of Adequate Insulation

The proper amount of professionally installed insulation can significantly improve the performance and efficiency of government facilities like office buildings, warehouses, shops, training centers, barracks, medical facilities, schools, and more. At Winner Insulation, we offer top-quality insulation services and products that can help your facility to:

  • Cut energy consumption
  • Keep heating and cooling costs as low as possible
  • Improve comfort, humidity control, and air quality
  • Improve HVAC efficiency and prevent breakdowns
  • Maximize the service life of HVAC equipment

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Where Quality Insulation Is Especially Important

All areas of a government or military facility should be properly sealed and insulated, but to achieve the best performance and efficiency, pay special attention to:

  • Ceilings – Heat loss in large, commercial-style buildings is a huge problem in the winter. Adding insulation up to a rating of R-60 can dramatically reduce heating costs while also providing protection from the sun’s heat in the summer.
  • Walls – Exterior walls need at least R-13 to R-19 insulation to control heat loss and heat gain effectively year-round.
  • Slab foundations – Properly insulating below and around the perimeter of a slab foundation is essential to control moisture and promote even temperatures.
  • Openings – Door and window openings in government facilities can be significant contributors to energy waste. Ensure all doors and windows are properly sealed and insulated to prevent drafts and heat loss.

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Why Choose Spray Foam for a Government Facility?

Spray foam insulation is a two-part solution that is applied as a liquid. It expands to fill stud bays, wall cavities, and the smallest cracks and crevices, adhering firmly to surrounding materials. This creates a highly effective insulating material that also acts as an air and moisture barrier. It is a one-step solution to seal and insulate a building. Its high R-value of over R-6.0 per inch offers great thermal performance with less installed volume.

At Winner Insulation, we specialize in spray foam insulation to give our clients in the DC area exceptional performance and efficiency. However, we also offer cellulose and fiberglass for areas where it is appropriate or beneficial.

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Why Choose Winner Insulation for Your DC-Area Insulation Project?

Not only is Winner Insulation certified for government contracts, but we also have extensive experience installing and upgrading insulation in large commercial and industrial facilities. We are equipped to handle the largest government projects, and because we’re a hard-working, veteran-owned company, you can count on top-quality, professional results.

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